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Raihana or; Arai Kreva is a singaporean artist/ designer/illustrator and a Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts graduate.

Specializing in urban arts, illustrations & narrative concepts; her styles were thought to be serious but by hiding behind innocent visuals while still maintaining details.  Her illustrations portrays the business of taking imagination seriously.  Being a creative for her is also means to be able to spread the joy through expression and interaction with like-minded individuals. Thinks that grey is the most underrated most elegant colour on the palette. 

Experiences includes Illustrator, Art educator, Instructor, Marketing Coordinator and a freelance artist.


Commissions, Exhibitor November 2013

Star Wars Day @ Jurong Library
Invited artist: Sculpture and Toy Custom May 4th 2013

Mi Casa Su Casa
Seni Mini Exhibition April 2014 - April 2014

Alvenia Hospital
HOPE; 1m x 50cm canvas June 2014

Exhibitor, Commission ION Basement 4 August 2014 - September 2014

Band of Doodlers
Mural, Exhibitor Star Wars Day @ Suntec Tower 4 May 2015 - May 2015

NAFA Alumni Showcase: Serendipity
S Cafe @ Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique May 2014 - June 2014

Glitch! Monster Mash
Illustration, Sculpt October 2015 - November 2015

Affordable Art Fair & SHBA
Great Eggventure 2016; Illustration March 2016 - April 2016

Band of Doodlers
Illustration, Exhibitor Star Wars Day @ Hideout May 2016 - May 2016

White Space Bandits
llustration, Exhibitor All Xmen Must Die Charity Exhibition @ Hideout June 2016 - July 2016

Youth Wall
Children Society DEN@JEN June 2016

SINs Exhibition x Band Of Doodlers
Mentor August 2016

NOISE SINGAPORE x Band Of Doodlers
Mentor July 2017